Biographical work on historical and current experiences of flight: Flight – Exile – Participation

FEP kick-off workshop in April © Minor


“Flight – Exile – Participation: Citizen Science on Historical and Current Flight Experiences as Participatory Educational Work (FEP)” aims to strengthen the participation in social discourses and social processes of people with a flight background and thus contribute to a new narrative and a new culture of memory on flight, arrival and exile. As Citizen Scientists or Co-Researchers, people with a refugee background research, analyze and document in a scientifically accompanied participatory research process on two levels: their own or family experiences of flight and arrival as well as self-selected historical flight experiences for mediation in specific digital and analog public (educational) spaces. This transhistorical approach opens up a new perspective on flight and arrival that is central to today’s immigration society and its discourse on flight in mediation work.

Duration: 01.01.2023 – 31.12 2024

The We Refugees Archive with its processed self-testimonies, historical documents and educational offers for historical-political educational work serves as a working basis and publication site for the co-researchers.

The project “Flight – Exile – Participation” is funded by the Federal Agency for Civic Education.