Istanbul, present – Refuge Metropolis between Normality and Precarity

Due to its geographical and political location between Asia and Europe, the metropolis of Istanbul has always been a hub of migration movements: Arrival, transit and departure point at the same time. Today, it has become a refuge and a new home, especially for refugees from neighboring Syria and Afghanistan. Many of them stay for longer periods of time because the situation in their countries of origin is not improving. In addition, in view of the European isolation policy and the agreements between Turkey and the EU, a further journey to Europe has become impossible for most of them. Despite the tightening of Turkish asylum policy in recent years and the difficulties that characterize the lives of many forced migrants without residence status or papers in Turkey and Istanbul, their presence and participation in everyday urban life is normal. Social, family and professional networks offer support in making a new start and building a life that for many has long since ceased to be merely provisional.

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