Berlin since the 2nd World War – Exile, Transit, Emergency Shelter

Flight from Berlin, which characterized the city especially in the 1930s and 1940s, turned into flight to Berlin after the Second World War. Even before reunification, both West and East Berlin offered refuge. Today, Berlin enjoys the reputation of a diverse, open metropolis and city of refuge, which is characterized by and attracts migrants, and which offers space for political, social and cultural self-organization, networking and expression. However, the extent to which it can actually offer a safe exile for people with various flight experiences is questionable given the precarious situation many refugees find themselves in.

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Films 2

“Today, I do not like to use this big and broad term, “Alwatan” homeland. Today, I am settled in a country other than the one in which I was born, and I have protection and freedom in it, and I am treated as an equal human being with others, with almost the same rights and duties.”

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