New Beginnings and Visions for the Future

Flight is always associated with a look forward, the hope of a safe arrival, with the individual will for a new beginning and concrete visions for the future. A refugee proactively takes the initiative to create his*her future. However, the extent to which this can succeed depends to a large extent on legal and social obstacles, time, space, political and individual criteria. Social access via language, education, community and mutual recognition remains essential.

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Films 14

“I am poor, I cannot help with money, but I would like to help with what I can, I would like to train the women, I would like to give courses, without payment of course. If only I had a suitable room, because in our “home” I can not ask anyone. Help me to find a room, I said to the secretary, unaware that she knew my name from over there, even if she did not know me personally.”

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