Questions of Identity: Continuities and Ruptures

Identity is very diverse for all people, in a constant state of change and the sum of various complementary, contradictory, refractive and ongoing influences. For refugees, however, flight often means a life-changing rupture in life. The loss of the familiar world, the family and the recognition of what was built up in life before the flight, and the uncertainty about one’s own future are very burdening for many. In addition, there is a mutual dynamic between migrants’ self-image and external reduction from outside, the will for self-expression and self-determined action on the one hand and restrictive and disenfranchising structures on the other. Any approach to questions of identity of refugees must face up to these aspects.

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Films 12

“I am poor, I cannot help with money, but I would like to help with what I can, I would like to train the women, I would like to give courses, without payment of course. If only I had a suitable room, because in our “home” I can not ask anyone. Help me to find a room, I said to the secretary, unaware that she knew my name from over there, even if she did not know me personally.”
“Today, I do not like to use this big and broad term, “Alwatan” homeland. Today, I am settled in a country other than the one in which I was born, and I have protection and freedom in it, and I am treated as an equal human being with others, with almost the same rights and duties.”

Chapters 16