Fantasy of Home

“Asylum is only a marginal part of my life. I don’t live to get it.” The musician Bahila H. comes from Syria and now lives in Berlin. She is studying architecture at the Brandenburg Technical University Cottbus-Senftenberg, continues to make music and hopes for a life in Berlin away from traditions and the suppression of opinions.

Bahila H. left Syria to Istanbul in 2014 where she joined the band „The Last Postman“ and received her first musicboard award. After two years, she moved to Berlin with a student visa and then applied for asylum in 2017.

Because the German authorities lost her papers, she was left without papers for almost 3 years which made it hard for her to get the permission to work, study or take German classes.

Today, she is granted asylum and continues her studies in architecture at the university of Cottbus with a scholarship. She already holds two diplomas in Administration & Human Development and Public Relations.

Furthermore, she received scholarships for her work as a musician and tours through Germany and France. Bahila co-founded Coworka, an online platform for supporting exiled artists worldwide, and the NGO Development Networks’ Axes (DNA) e. V., a non-profit organisation that concerns the development of people with forced migration backgrounds, especially women, on professional, educational and cultural levels.

Produced by: Daybreaker Film
Directed by: Khaled Mzher
Producer, editor: Khaled Nawal
2. Camera: Qusay Ban, Anja Ott