Network DOMiD: documentation centre and museum about migration in Germany

The collection of the DOMiD currently comprises more than 150,000 objects, documents and interviews and testimonials on the history of migration in Germany – including objects of daily use, photographs, contemporary witnesses* of interviews, letters, file material, films, magazines and much more.

DOMiD collects migration experiences and testimonies of the immigration society. One of DOMiD’s main goals is to make marginalised positions visible through different mediation formats.

The association was founded in 1990 under the former name DOMiT – Documentation Centre and Museum on Migration from Turkey e.V.. The founders were four migrants from Turkey.

In order to preserve the historical heritage of the immigrants, an archive was set up (initially in a garage in Essen). In the year 2000, they moved from Essen to Cologne. Today, the Documentation Centre comprises a collection of social, everyday and cultural historical evidence on the history of migration in Germany that is unique in Germany.

DOMiD is working on the realisation of a House of Immigration Society as a central migration museum. Such a house underlines the importance which migration had and has in the past, present and future.