Network Virtual Migration Museum

The aim of the Virtual Migration Museum is to show how migration shapes our society, our history and our coexistence. The topic of migration is viewed from the perspective of an immigration society and knowledge about different forms and types of migration is conveyed. The museum sets impulses for a new multi-perspective narrative of history, which allows as many people as possible to participate in history and also allows those who have been heard little to date to have their say.

The basis of all exhibition areas and topics dealt with in the Virtual Migration Museum is the collection of DOMiD, which has grown continuously since 1990 and currently contains more than 150,000 testimonies to the history of migration in Germany – including objects of daily use, photographs, interviews with contemporary witnesses, letters, files, films, magazines and much more. The Fraunhofer Institute for Computer Graphics Research digitised more than 80 of these objects especially for the Virtual Migration Museum and thus transformed them into three-dimensional exhibits using a technology developed especially for the digitisation of cultural assets.