Can I have your attention?

Dina is a young artist from Aleppo and works as a graphic designer in Istanbul. After the war started in Syria, she decided to start a new life in Turkey, together with her brother and mother.  She started from scratch with a new life in Turkey, but then she finished her studies as one of the best students in her school.

Dina is a 27-year-old woman from Syria, Aleppo. As so many, she was forced to leave her home due to the war in Syria. She has left Syria in 2012 summer for visiting her father in another country and then she would never make it back to Syria for long years. Together with her brother, in 2013, Dina decided to join her mother who then established a new life in Adana, Turkey. She decided to learn Turkish and prepare for the university exam for foreign students. Dina wanted to continue studying sculpture and painting. She accomplished her goal and a few years ago, she was graduated from fine arts in Çukurova University by being named in the dean’s list. Dina currently works as a graphic designer in an Iraqi company and the company branch office is based in Istanbul. Therefore, she moved to Şişli for work purposes. Dina used to have a temporary protection ID card which is usually provided to asylum seekers from Syria, however, a couple of years ago she received the exceptional citizenship from the Turkish State.

Film by Cansu Boğuşlu
Edited by Mustafa Koca
Sound Design by Cenker Kökten