Network Warscapes | Mediterranean Migrant Crossings

Warscapes is an independent online magazine founded in 2011, which offers insights into current conflicts around the world through fiction, non-fiction, poetry, interviews, book and film reviews, photo essays and retrospectives of war literature of the last fifty years, and contributes to the understanding of complex political crises in different regions. An explicit concern of Warscapes is to make the voices of refugees visible and audible, which makes the online magazine an extremely important reference and source. Mediterranean: Migrant Crossings (2018) is Warscapes‘ first print volume, edited by Bhakti Shringarpure, Michael Bronner, Veruska Cantelli, Michael Busch, Jessica Rohan, Melissa Smyth, Jason Huettner, Gareth Davies and Noam Scheindlin, and published in collaboration with UpSet Press, the University of Arkansas and the University of Chicago. The volume explores the plight of migrants on their odysseys across the Mediterranean to Europe through short stories, poetry, creative contributions by refugees, and about refugeedom in Europe more broadly. With the kind permission of the Warscapes editors, the We Refugees Archive has been able to reproduce some of the articles from Mediterranean: Migrant Crossings on our platform – Ismail Einashe’s reportage on the situation of new arrivals in Palermo, Yurdanu’s story of flight, which she tells using two recipes from her home country Eritrea, Maaza Menghiste’s short (escape) story, poetry by Jehan Bseiso, and Hamdi’s recipe from her home country Somalia, including the story of flight. In addition to Mediterranean: Migrant Crossings, Warscape has recently published Hassan Ghedi Santur’s Maps of Exile, which tells the story of migration to Europe from African countries from inside detention camps and migrant camps, from the Sahara to the Mediterranean.